Understanding Gluten Sensitivity Class

Understanding Gluten Sensitivity

wheat allergyMedical doctor David Brownstein estimates that 20-30 of Americans currently are affected by gluten sensitivity.  That’s one in six Americans!  Gluten intolerance has become so universal that special diets have become common place.  At this evening class, wheat, & gluten grains will be fleshed out for both their wonderful comfort food and their follies in an entertaining & empowering PowerPoint.  Both veteran & novice gluten intolerant individuals will gain new skills & resources for making gluten restrictive diet more enjoyable.

Gluten Sensitivity Class Offered

This 2 hour  class will address many of the most common questions that newbies and seasoned gluten restrictive individuals ask when going off of wheat and wondering if they will ever be able to do their favorite comfort food again.  At the Federal Way clinic Kristina Brown, a nutritional coach will be teaming up with Kris Shaw offering much travel, shopping & cooking tips for substituting wheat, and other gluten grains.  To avoid the high cost of gluten free packaged Gluten free flour alternatives will be addressed and how to convert baking recipes.

Commonly asked questions that will be addressed:

  • What is gluten & why is it so difficult to digest?
  •  Why is wheat so addictive?  Why are some people sensitive to gluten and not others?
  • Why is gluten sensitivity & celiac disease NOT being properly diagnosed by most physicians?
  • Why hasn’t my medical doctor checked me out for gluten reactivity as common food sensitivity?  How can you rule out gluten sensitivity if you are suspecting it in yourself?
  • How does gluten affect the brain & moods?
  • Are there healthy options for integrating gluten grains back into my life, if I am gluten sensitive?  Can I eat sprouted forms of wheat?
  • How does allergy desensitizing support & treat gluten intolerance so that you can reintroduce gluten grains slowly back into your diet?
  • For those new to a gluten restrictive diet, learn great tips for making the change over more enjoyable!  How do I start a gluten free diet?                                                                                                                                    
  • Discover informative  shopping & cooking resources if you are gluten sensitive that you may have not known


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