Within a few treatments I was able to eat healthy foods

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Leaving long term chemotherapy catalyzed me into severe anxiety and made my immune system take a beating, making me vulnerable to a large array of food allergies.  I became anaphalactic with severe reactions to garlic, which is hidden in many restaurant dishes.  Many of my friends & neighbors chose not to invite me to their homes because it was too much trouble trying to feed me without the possible stress of it triggering me to be sick from their food.

Finally I stumbled upon Kris Shaw and the allergy desensitizing work she does in Seattle and Federal Way.  Within a few treatments I was able to eat the healthy foods that I have been avoiding for years such as eggs, dairy, orange juice, and fish.  The real delight was in being able to eat pizza & other Italian foods and soups that have garlic as their hidden ingredient.  Kris has been a god sent to my son and I both for addressing long term seasonal allergies and turning our health around with her patient , empowering way.

Kathy Acklum, Federal Way, WA Jan 2013

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