It is changing my life for the better

“I’ve been really impressed with the allergy desensitizing treatments I’ve been receiving from Kris Shaw.  I’ve struggled with generalized anxiety and panic attacks for my entire life, as well as increasingly bothersome digestive issues and food intolerances over the past few years.  Since beginning NAET, my panic attacks have subsided and my anxiety is significantly reduced.

I am eating foods that used to make me sick without problems and sleeping more soundly.  I’m able to do things I couldn’t do before and my family has commented on the noticeable difference in my mood.  Being successful with NAET requires diligence and patience, but it is worth the effort.  I am so glad I discovered this treatment method.  It has truly changing my life for the better!”

Emily B from Renton,  WA   Jan, 2013

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