Food allergies were severely hampering my life

I discovered I was plagued with food allergies that were severely hampering the quality of my life already at 24 years old.  I had so many symptoms.  They ranged from severe stomach pains to extreme fatigue to uncontrollable anxiety to randomly itching everywhere.  I had dropped the many foods I was reacting to but still suffered from many annoying symptoms. 

The allergy  specialist, Kris Shaw proved very knowledgeable and adept in not only clearing  out most of my problematic  food sensitivities but also in finding nutritional remedies for the source of my problem, not  just my symptoms.  Since doing treatments at the Federal Way Naturopathy clinic, I have greatly decreased sensitivity to many of the foods I avoided.  The allergy desensitizing treatments weren’t necessary a cure-all, but they played an instrumental part in helping me to live a healthy and happy life!
~ Holly Boyd, Federal Way, WA October 2013

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