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Orientation & Frequently Asked Questions
Orientation to NAET Treatment Care

Cost of Treatments

$75 per treatment

Number of Treatments

To get to the root of any long standing persistent allergy problems, count on 6 to 14 treatments.  This is often covered by your insurance under acupuncture services.  If you are uncomfortable with acupuncture needles, acupressure is another way to do NAET allergy treatments.


NAET treatments are covered under many insurance plans, including Regence and Group Health Options & Alliance plan.  Please check in with the acupuncturist, Kris Shaw as to what insurance company you have & we’ll do a verification check on what coverage benefits you have.  All of this can be discussed in a 15 minute complimentary session on the phone with some basic orientation on allergy desensitizing.  (more insurance questions answered)

Bring any Allergy Test Results

If you are under the care of a naturopath physician, bringing the results of your Eliza allergy tests would be helpful in assessing the level of severity of your specific food sensitivities and seasonal pollen reactions.  This common blood test identifies & quantifies serum level IgA, IgE and IgG immunglobulins & antibodies in response to foods, inhalants, spices, and herbs.

Is there anything I should do before my first treatment? 

Allow 90 minutes for your first session, for the therapist to get acquainted with your allergy & health history.  Please bring your insurance card and other records of previous medical allergy testing results.  This may include the blood work panel for Eliza allergy testing. 

Please make a point to eat before coming.  You may be requested to refrain from foods that you are being tested for that day.  Restrictions in diet normally do not extend beyond a 25 hour period and your therapist will guide you appropriately.

  • Come to your NAET sessions perfume or cologne free.
  • Refraining from smoking.
  • Please do not schedule in a chiropractic, acupuncture or massage treatment the day that you are treated with the NAET allergy desensitizing treatment. It may interfere with the energetics of treatments in your body.
  • No showers, swimming or vigorous workouts are recommended. 
  • Please note:  If you are uncomfortable with acupuncture needles, acupressure is another way to do NAET allergy treatments.

How many treatments can I expect?                                

That depends on how many allergies you are choosing to work with, what your priorities are and what is important with your health goals.  Some patients  come to address  a seasonal allergy  health challenge and go through the basic clearing treatments in 4 to 6 sessions.  It is best to pre-plan & get treatments before you start feeling the effects of the spring, summer or  fall pollens, grasses & weeds.  

Others patients have multiple health challenges that are deeply rooted and chronic.  Hopefully, you are aware that NAET is not a quick fix like some drug medications.  This desensitizing process requires patience, time, & commitment over the long haul for persistent allergic reactions that have been around for years.  For really challenging multiple food sensitivities, it may take 3-6 months of weekly or bi-monthly treatments to change the terrain of an overactive or exhausted immune, digestive, or respiratory systems.  Allergens are treated and cleared out one at time in a specified sequence.  The usual protocol is to treat only one allergy at a time.  For some individuals who are highly sensitive to specific allergies, sometimes additional treatments are required to reinforce the reprogramming messages signaled to the body/mind connection.

Frequently Asked Questions about
NAET / Allergy Desensitizing

How Does Allergy Desensitizing (NAET) work?
Understanding Allergy Treatment from a New Perspective

NAET has its foundation principles rooted in Oriental medicine.  This 30 year old energetic form of acupuncture maximizes the hidden dimensions of the body/ mind’s innate intelligence,  by addressing faulty messages from the subconscious mind.  

NAET is a synthesis of five healing disciplines that have been around for decades, with a strong reliance on muscle testing.  This allergy method integrates principles of American acupuncture, topical homeopathy, spinal & craniosacral bodywork and nutritional support to desensitize specific allergens.  By using energetic medicine to desensitize the body’s maladaptive responses to allergens, we can retrain  the mind and body to integrate the allergens in a healthy way instead of producing an unnecessary immune response.
NAET treatment protocols are able to transform outdated over reactive programming to individual foods that get locked into attacking that which we dearly need… healthy food.  When you have persistent food intolerances, your immune system is in over vigilent mode and misguidedly sees healthy foods as the enemy. The immune system responds by producing antibodies to specific foods, which results in even stronger reactions.  Through this desensitizing process, the ability of the body, mind, and immune system to discern between healthy and foreign substances is decreased.  It is important to understand that degree to which your body is able to successfully integrate a food, pollen, chemical or other allergen corresponds directly to the presence or absence of an allergy.   
Factors that trigger more vulnerability with food sensitivities are:

  • Digestive malfunctions
  • Depressed immune function
  • Poor absorption of nutrients
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Hereditary  factors
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Toxic overload

How can an individual be desensitized to a reactive food?

allergy natural solutionsMuscle testing is utilized throughout the treatment as a way to communicate with the body/ mind’s innate intelligence.  I rely a lot on the muscle response testing to communicate and get immediate feedback from each patient’s body / mind.  This more primal part of our body intelligence oversees many of the body’s functions while we are awake or asleep.  It is capable of giving us simple answers.  These answers are calibrated by strong or weak responses to the muscle testing or yes and no answers.

I ask a series of questions from the body’s intelligence as to its strengths, deficiencies, what it needs, what it is NOT doing well with specific food intolerances and what nutrients may be added to support the body’s life force.  Each treatment utilizes concentrated vials of homeopathic remedies that contains vitamins, minerals and hundreds of food vials to muscle test what the body is functioning well with and what it is not.

Once the body’s wisdom provides me with answers through the muscle testing, I then move on to aiding the body to acclimate to specific foods it may be having challenges with efficiently assimilating.  This desensitizing treatment protocol communicates with the mind and nervous system to reprogram old messages needing clearing out  first, then new information is energetically programmed in.  The patient receives an acupuncture allergy treatment in this desensitizing process that lasts for 20 -30 minutes holding specific homeopathic vial.  For some foods or homeopathic substances, exposure to these reactive substances may require a 24 hour period of contact with the body for the energetic of the body to recalibrate new information

Explain what goes on in the first few treatments with allergy desensitizing? 

The first few treatments of NAET lay the foundation for our work together by improving the absorption of basic nutrients.  These biochemical building blocks include amino acids or vitamins & minerals such as the family of B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.  These are integral to healthy cellular function.  These nutrients are evaluated in the first few treatments and strengthened where needed, before specific food or pollen reactive substances can be desensitized.  This is especially important for patients who are not absorbing nutrients well due to multiple food sensitivities.

Let’s use an example here.  If you have a dairy sensitivity, calcium will be essential for strengthening into the cellular physiology.  For others, Vitamin C will be critical to strengthen if you are reactive to pollen, dust, or mold.  Many patients are surprised by how much better they feel after finishing the basic cellular micronutrient treatments, even before we begin to work on specific allergens. 

What if my Insurance does not cover Acupuncture?

If your insurance plan does not cover acupuncture, allergy treatments can be financed through  You can establish a payment plan over a 6-12 month period. Affordable monthly payments can be created with this private medical financing company. This can allow you the continuity of allergy care needed with a series of treatments to address core allergy issues.

Cost per treatment can vary depending on the insurance plan you have and co-pays that are due.  At the first patient appointment, I will discuss your health goals and the format for the NAET treatments.  There is a fair amount of time spent with  health education & orientation to the NAET allergy system, so allow a couple of  treatments  to acclimate to  how this system of healing works within your body.

Does NAET allergy desensitizing work with children, toddlers, or pets?

Yes, the NAET allergy desensitizing method works with children of all ages as well as pets that have disabling allergic reactions.  When working with young children or infants, aged 6 months to 8 years, a parent is involved with the kinesiology testing with the parent being the surrogate person for the child.  They will be holding the child in their arms while the child & parent are on the treatment table.  The NAET therapist asks questions about the child by energetically muscle testing through the parent and child’s energetic field.  This same process of the surrogate pet owner is utilized when working with a cat or dog.  You do not need to speak a common language or even believe in the NAET healing method for it to do its desensitizing work on you!  The sub conscious level of the body & mind knows how to heal itself, once we learn what it needs!

When treating children, acupuncture needles are NOT used and acupressure is used as a substitute.  Often the child receives their treatment in the treatment room and then is given free rein to move around the clinic space.  The NAET vial stays connected to the infant or child’s body for 20-30 minutes while they play.  Then they are retested with muscle testing to make sure the treatment has strengthened them.

Does your clinic treat for severe food allergies that can trigger anaphalactic symptoms? 

Yes and no to this answer.  Anaphylaxis is a serious life threatening condition that requires the vigilant attention of a parent using an EPPI pen on their child & possibly an emergency plan to get to a hospital ASAP!!!  Knowing how to intervene quickly and efficiently to get the acute medical care is essential in saving lives and reducing the high level of stress that accompanies a severe allergic response.

The naturopathic physicians that this NAET practitioner  works with at the Federal Way  clinic are trained to screen for  severe food allergic responses and routinely  check for this in their blood  tests  registering for the  intensity of IgA’s,  IgE’s and IgG’s immune responses.  There are educational power points provided at the Federal Way clinic for medical alertness & preparedness if your child has an attack.

The Elisa allergy blood test will also be able to pinpoint the level of severity of inhalants and many common protein foods that are potential health threats.  If you are at a level 4 to 6 in the Elisa test for specific foods, your NAET practitioner needs to be notified.

Please let the acupuncturist  know if you  or your child has had severe allergic reactions to red flag allergic  foods such as peanuts, nuts, seeds,  eggs, dairy, wheat, corn, soy,  shell fish, MSG or artificial flavorings & colorings  to name a few.  This clinical knowledge refers to long standing foods that have been avoided for many years as well as new food sensitivities that have been discovered.

Cellular physiology strengthening with the NAET desensitizing system will be required before some gentle slow exposure to severe food sensitivities is introduced.  Special training is required within the NAET protocols to safely handle severe food sensitivities and close observation is required on both the part of the patient, parent, as well as the therapist.

The  Acupuncturist’s  Working  Philosophy

womanflwrIt’s your body & mind that has the power to heal itself. Alternative medicine requires a change of philosophy on the part of the seeker and provider. As a health consumer and patient, you are expected to take personal responsibility to accept slow steady results rather than look for the quick fix/ magic bullet/acupuncture points.

I  enjoy working with patients from all walks of life and at different levels of consciousness. I have an affinity in working with those that to do their homework with themselves. You may be requested to do homework reading so you are better informed with what changes in your health can be expected o r how to continue some part of the treatment at home. Kris Shaw, the acupuncturist utilizes her web sites, power points, and health education hand outs as aides to support you on your healing journey. 

I encourage patients to be actively involved in their own treatment care ~ learning, observing, working to heal, and being honest with yourself and me as your practitioner, about where you are at in your life. With your participation, based upon your goals & priorities, a customized treatment plan can be developed. Some people seek immediate results with injury care & pain challenges while others prefer a long-term approach… Keep in mind you may be requested to support your injuries with Chinese herbal formulas or nutritional supplements.

For some challenged with chronic pain patterns, you may need to change the ergonomics of your work environment, being more observant of your posture, using good body mechanics or engaging specific stretches & exercises between treatments. 


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